Commercial Removals Middlesbrough

N&N Removals works closely with the commercial sector, helping many leading companies and organisations who can testify to the top-class service they have received over many years.

Why Choose Commercial Removals Middlesbrough?

We understand that as well as completing a smooth, successful move, the imperative is to ensure that a business continues to run with minimal disruption while the move is being conducted. Whether an internal reorganisation or an external relocation to new premises, N&N Removals will take care of the necessary planning, packing and transport to ensure a seamless move!

Designated Move Managers

Essential to a successful N&N Removals move is careful planning right at the start, with a move manager who will oversee the project from start to finish. This involves working closely with commercial customers and their teams to anticipate every detail before the move takes place. This consultation process includes an on-site planning meeting to discuss logistics and specialist requirements and regular liaison throughout the project. It is a tried and tested approach that N&N Removals has specifically designed to save its commercial clients valuable time, effort, money and stress.

We take our work on your behalf seriously, and this is reflected in our status as a fully insured company. Our staff are trained uniformed professionals, all experienced, competent movers who are helpful and polite. N&N Removals operates a fleet of specialist, liveried removal vehicles which come complete with transit blankets, trolleys, webbing and all necessary materials to ensure adequate protection of your possessions.

Moving, Dismantling and Re-Assembly

Leave the dismantling and re-assembly of your office furniture to us. At N&N Removals we understand how stressful any kind of move can be, but office moves can prove particularly troublesome. This is why we ensure we are there to handle any worries from the start. We can help with dismantling furniture, removing heavy items like filing cabinets and desks, and can provide security for your documents and files.

Specialist Packaging Materials

To ensure all of your office items arrive as they left, N&N Removals uses top-quality specialist packaging materials and boxes to properly protect your goods, so that they can be transported appropriately and in the safest way possible. This includes bespoke crate hire, boxes and packaging materials. In addition, our specialist liveried removal vehicles come complete with transit blankets, trolleys, webbing and all necessary materials to provide additional projection to goods while in transit.

Packing and Unpacking Service

We can also help commercial customer to pack any items requiring transportation. The N&N Removals service offers a full packing or part packing service which includes a free loan of packing materials. With our full or part-packing service, our experienced removals packers use systematic packing and storage techniques, all designed to make sure all goods safely arrive at their new destination. This service also saves our commercial customers valuable time and effort, which is most often better spent on their core business functions. We can also help with unpacking and setting up at the destination, again saving clients and their staff valuable time by helping to establish the new premises on arrival

Storage Facilities

N&N Removals can also provide containerised storage facilities for those commercial customers who need to store any items, whether mid-move or on a longer-term basis. If your office requires reconstruction, N&N Removals can provide flexible temporary storage, whether for large, heavy and oversized items like office furniture, or smaller ones such as files. This is a cost-effective, flexible service with no minimum term requirement. Our containerised storage facilities are fully insured, secure, dry and alarmed.

We offer great value for money, and our prices are calculated solely on the amount of space you require. Aside from commercial moves, many businesses paying high costs for commercial rentals and overheads, are deciding increasingly that it can make sound business sense to archive items by sending them into storage, to free up value commercial and office space. N&N Removals offers low-cost, secure storage for these items, and many businesses choose N&N Removals as their commercial storage provider, placing stock, tools, seasonal goods, and archived records with us, both on a short and long-term basis. N & N Removals collects all materials to be stored and returns them when the storage period ends. Goods can be packed by customers, though most select to use our tailored packing service.

Opt for Peace of Mind by Choosing N&N Removals

N&N Removals has been providing commercial removal services to many companies across the UK for over a quarter of a century, and as such we are known for our high-quality service, tailored removals packages and experienced team. Our professional team respect and cares for work items during every step of the move, and understands that business operations must return to normality as quickly as possible.

However large or small your office move, whether you are moving within your existing office, relocating to nearby alternative premises or to the other side of the country, N&N Removals can help you every step of the way.

Contact Us for a No-Obligation, Competitive Quote

From the moment you contact us, our priority will be to take away the worry, providing a free no-obligation and competitive quote. Please feel free to call to have an initial conversation with one of our experts to discuss the specific demands and complexities of your project. We are happy to give you our professional advice, suggestions and guidance on how to conduct your project in the swiftest, most hassle-free way. With a comprehensive range of services to choose from, N&N Removals can help you from start to finish without the worries and stresses that usually come with moving your office base. Contact Us today for a no-obligation quote and a highly professional service.